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Laura is a friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable speaker who arms her audiences with the how-to of caring for and pruning Clematis. She inspires her listeners with wonderful photos showing the variety and beauty of this Queen of Climbers.




Laura has been growing clematis for over 20 years, first in her Boston garden where she left behind 50 clematis, and since 2005 in her Seattle garden where she currently has nearly 200 clematis, and counting.  Laura grows clematis everywhere, on structures as well as on trees and shrubs—using clematis to embellish her garden.  She is a friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable speaker who arms her audiences with the how-to of caring for and pruning clematis and inspires them with wonderful photos of the variety and beauty of the Queen of Climbers.  Laura is a member of the International Clematis Society, the British Clematis Society, and the Rogerson Clematis Society, and regularly attends the annual International Clematis Society Conferences, most recently in Portland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and soon in Philadelphia.  You can visit Laura at her blog at, where you can find out what she’s been up to with the clematis in her garden and wherever she goes.



Clematis Made Easy

Clemaniac, Laura Watson, will demystify the care and pruning of clematis, the Queen of Vines.  You will learn how to choose a clematis, how to plant it, what the three clematis pruning groups are, which clematis are the easiest to grow, and which do well in small gardens and containers.  Laura will also recommend good companion plants for clematis (including other interesting vines), discuss kinds of structures clematis like, and tell us how to coax clematis to grow into trees and shrubs.  Laura's friendly style and gorgeous photos are always a hit.

The Glorious Clematis of High Summer

Come and learn from clematarian, Laura Watson, about some of the easiest and most beautiful clematis to grow and to prune, including the integrifolias (short non-climbers with dancing bell flowers in blues, pinks,whites, and lavendars), the viticellas (vigorous climbers with abundant nodding flowers in many colors), and the texensis (climbing plants with tulip-shaped blossoms in reds, pinks, and whites).  These easy-care clematis bloom their hearts out in July, August, and September. 

Clematis for Containers

Laura Watson's presentation, which includes beautiful photos and clear descriptions, will discuss which clematis work well in pots, how to care for and prune them, what kinds of pots and climbing sturctures to use.

Clematis Around the World

Join Laura as she takes you on a photographic tour beautiful public and private gardens growing clematis as well as garden centers that grow clematis.  She has traveled extensively with the International Clematis Society in Europe and the United States. 


Seattle, Washington

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Audience Reviews

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simply the best

jean miller dutton from puyallup, WA 98374 - 04/25/2017 16:30:07

Fun, nice pace,great slideshow, personal testimony of her clematis collection, open to questions. I just could listen to her once a month and sing her praises.Jean Dutton Happy Thyme Garden Club.

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All you need to know about Clematis!

Renée from Seattle,WA - 04/19/2017 14:13:08

Laura's presentation to our group on Clematis Made Easy was clear, informative, engaging...and she demystifies the pruning groups. I plan to add more clematis to my garden soon!

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Clematis for all!

Linda from Mesa, AZ - 02/23/2016 16:46:15

“Clemaniac” Laura Watson inspires listeners to grow Clematis, regardless of how you pronounce it or the size of your garden. She illustrates the blooms, the growing strategies and the potential Clematis adds to the garden. She knows these plants and if you have an opportunity to hear her presentation you will know so much more than you did before. You will be off to find room in your garden for these wonderful plants. Her program at the 2016 Northwest Flower & Garden Show delighted her audience.