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John Magee has been designing and building native plant landscapes in the Washington D.C. metro area for over 20 years. This award winning landscaper and photographer will help to simplify your understanding the importance of sustainable design






“Water in the landscape” Known for his unique and sometimes breath taking water features, John will cover several topics in creating your perfect water garden.  Join one of Washington DC’s top water feature Designers & builders in this seminar to learn more about how to build and maintain water features.  Whether you’re a first time do it yourselfer or a professional landscaper looking to add another skill to offer in your business, this seminar will cover all phases of inspiration, design, implementation and maintenance.  Nothing brings life to the garden like adding a water feature whether it is a babbling brook or a still pond; all life is attracted to water.  Learn how to avoid easy mistakes and follow along as you’re shown before and after pictures of several projects from start to finish.  John C Magee has been designing and building water features in the Washington DC metropolitan area for over 20 years and has had his work featured in Total Landscape Care Magazine and the National Wildlife Federation magazine and even has appeared on Animal Planet’s “Backyard Habitat”.



“Wilding the urban landscape” how to bring native plants into the mainstream urban landscape without upsetting your neighbors. In this presentation John will walk you through a few of his more notable designs from start to finish.  Learn how to create habitat for wildlife on your property while beautifying your home through traditional landscaping principles given a modern twist.  Stunning before, during and after pictures will bring out the native plant gardener in all of us


Metro DC and throughout the United States, Canada and Europe

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Friendly with approachable ideas

Amanda from Washington DC - 03/10/2015 15:29:23

John had lots of interesting stories and experiences to share about gardening and designing gardens with native plants. His practical advise seemed approachable to both a new(ish) gardener and a more experienced one. It was a fun afternoon, I highly recommend attending one of his talks!

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For the love of native plants!

Claudio Vazquez from Washingto, DC - 03/09/2015 22:31:37

Not only did he clearly explain the environmental importance of native plants, he also gave excellent examples of how to use them effectively in "real world" gardens. As easy going and comfortable at the podium, as any one I've ever seen. Great presentation!

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Oya Simpson from Ashburn - 12/12/2014 14:00:46

John is able to present to an audience his knowledge and experience about landscape design and engage them at the same time.

He has a natural talent to educate and inspire.