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3024 E. Chapman Ave #112 Orange, California 92869

Enthusiasm and passion infuse Susie's engaging, professional programs. From "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies" to "How to do Yoga for the Gardener," audiences are entertained AND educated. Her videos, photos & PPT DELIGHT!

w: Monarch Butterfly Speaker and Citizen Scientist - Susie

w: Monarch Butterfly children's book and movie! The Story of
Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva

w: How to do Yoga for the Gardener


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Lovely Monarch Butterfly on milkweed in my garden


  Orange County Monarch Butterfly 
Expert, Author and Professional Speaker
Susie Vanderlip, CSP, CPAE

Susie Vanderlip is a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist, assisting in Monarch Health Initiative research.
She raises Monarch butterflies in Orange, California, studying, photographing, videotaping, tagging, speaking and writing
about Monarch life cycle, from egg to caterpillars, pupae and butterflies. In return, Monarch Butterflies have revealed 
many of their fascinating life secrets to Susie. She shares delightful and fascinating anecdotes and life cycle science
in live presentations. She uses her photography and video to create movies and books for children to learn about these
invaluable pollinators and fall in love with Nature. And she has an entire photo greeting card line through which she shares
colorful and captivating garden and Monarch butterfly visions.

She is nationally known for her storybook, movie/DVD, and eBook:  The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva ( The new 2nd Edition Story of Chester eBook is available as of July, 2015 on Kindle/Amazon at
an incredibly low $2.99. A delightful book to share with children and grandchildren ages 4 through 9
on your Kindle reader!

Susie loves to speak about Monarch Butterfly life to both youth and adults, sharing amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts
she has learned from raising hundreds of Monarch caterpillars into butterflies. Using gorgeous photos and engaging videos,
Susie enthuses adults and children alike to help save and expand the Monarch butterfly population by growing milkweed in
their gardens at home, school and throughout their community. She also shares how to attract Monarch butterflies
to your garden and tips on raising your own crop of caterpillars into butterflies, and vital information more about the plight
of Monarch butterflies as critical pollinators in the world today.

Susie has spoken for:
  * Laguna Beach Garden Club
  * Aquarium of the Pacific
  * Discovery Cube (Children's Science Center)
  * Numerous nurseries including Armstrong Garden Centers, Blue Hills, Green Thumb, and more
  * Elementary schools and libraries in Orange County, CA
  * Assisted living facilities - Heritage Point, Kirkwood Assisted Living
             and more

Susie is an avid nature photographer, videographer, author and speaker who loves and cherishes Nature. She has a full
line of photo greeting cards she sells at boutiques and markets in OrangeCounty(
and Photographs at

Her book and 10 minute movie, The Story of Chester, are currently in classrooms in the Tustin Unified, Irvine Unified, Fullerton
and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Districts for Kindergarden thru 2nd grade as they study the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle.
They are sold in gift shops at Pacific Ranch Market, Discovery Science Center, Bowers Museum, Tucson Botanical Gardens,
Frederik Meijers Gardens/Grand Rapids-MI, and Pismo State Beach Monarch Grove. The Story of Chester an award-winning
multi-media eBook on iBookstore with narration and embedded video.

Professionally, Susie has been a professional speaker and author for the last 24 years, earning the Certified Speaking
Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) and induction into the NSA “Speakers Hall of Fame.”
She has spoken to over million youth and adults across the USand around the world sharing her one-woman theatrical
LEGACY OF HOPE® program ( to address youth and family issues. She has been a featured guest
on FOX News Live. She is author of several books for youth and families including 52 Ways to Protect Your Teen and
co-author with husband and clinical psychologist Ken Vanderlip, Ph.D. of De-Stress for Success Workbook with
multi-media and eBook (

Susie is a graduate of UCLA in math/computer science with minor studies in Dance. She is a native Californian, born and raised inLakewood,CA. She is an Associate Professor in Dance for Coastline Community College District. Her passions include gardening
and teaching Zumba Gold to active older adults and yoga at gyms around OC. She lives with husband Dr. Ken Vanderlip and
a multitude of Monarchs in the Orange Hills area.

Learn more about Susie's Story from a recent Los Angeles Times article   
published on May 10, 2015 - Weekend Home and Garden Section and the Daily Pilot:,0,7058243.story


Susie's two signature programs:
    Blending Science, Art and Spirit
  • HOW TO DO YOGA FOR THE GARDENER - Easy and practical for gardeners of EVERY AGE,
    providing more Joy
    and less injury, aches and pains

Susie Vanderlip is a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist, Yoga Instructor of 40 years, and professional speaker. She brings

enthusiasm, passion, humor, and expert knowledge of  Monarch Butterfly Life, Yoga and speaking.

She encourages gardeners to enjoy gardening even more by sharing easy, practical Yoga 

for Gardeners to use before, during and after gardening! INVALUABLE knowledge on both subjects!

She has photographed and videotaped them for 4 years and now shares a delightful presentation that appeals to children

thru senior citizens. She shares this program with garden clubs, schools, nurseries, assisted living facilities, churches and

as an inspirational keynote at conferences.  Learn more about Susie's Story from a recent Los Angeles Times article 
published on May 10, 2015 - Weekend Home and Garden Section and the Daily Pilot:,0,7058243.story

Susie's presentation includes everything you might like to know about Monarchs in YOUR garden:

* Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle - egg, caterpillar/larva, chrysalis, butterfly including overwintering
Monarch Butterfly migration and current decline concerns
* Their value as important POLLINATORS
Amazing and entertaining Monarch Caterpillar and Butterfly anecdotes and video\
* How to Attract Monarch Butterflies to YOUR garden
OE Parasite and feedback from Monarch Health Initiative scientists
Native vs Tropical Milkweed recommendations
* How to become a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist


Speak nationwide at garden clubs, schools, nurseries, churches, assisted living facilities and inspirational programs at conferences

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  • Speaker Susie Vanderlip with Club meeting coordinator Laurie Callaway and member Sue Miller

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Audience Reviews

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Learn about Monarch Butterflies

Matt Marowitz from Dana Point - 06/15/2019 13:15:41

Susie does a great job giving an easy to understand presentation on Monarch Butterflies. She has lots of energy and makes it a fun learning experience. Her passion for Monarchs really shines through during her talk. We were very happy to have her talk in Dana Point.

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Energy and Knowledge--Awesome Combination

Shirley K Vargas from Indianapolis - 04/17/2019 19:41:11

Susie is a high energy speaker with inner knowledge of monarch butterflies when you thought you had heard it all. Her colorful video, Chester, takes one to the hidden life of the monarch.
Susie is a delight in demonstrating yoga for the gardener--simple actions that help before and after gardening.
The Herb Society of Indiana thoroughly enjoyed her presentations and would invite her again.

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Monarch Butterflies

Diane Camarata from Palos Verdes Peninsula - 03/04/2019 23:15:03

Susie is a fantastic speaker and was so interactive and engaging with Silver Spur Garden Club members.
We learned a lot in a most fun and enjoyable way. A great time was had by all. We will certainly be asking her back for "Yoga for the Gardener".