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Madison, Wisconsin

Through her garden education, Megan helps passionate gardeners get more from their gardens by first mastering the essentials and then indulging in the colorful details that make gardening not just a favorite pastime, but a lifestyle.


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Megan's Book - Super Easy Food Preserving


Megan Cain is setting out to create a legion of gardening addicts that successfully and passionately grow their own food.Through her gardening education business, The Creative Vegetable Gardener, she helps people get more from their gardens by first mastering the essentials and then indulging in the colorful details that make gardening not just a favorite pastime, but a lifestyle.


Megan is a popular garden writer, speaker and educator. Her workshops and seminars focus on helping gardeners get more food, beauty, pleasure, health, and joyget from their gardens. She loves to use stories, humor and beautiful photography in her teaching and writing. She writes a weekly gardening blog that is reads by thousands of people around the world, publishes educational ebooks and print books, and hosts the Flavorful Life Garden Club,  a new kind of gadening club built for avid food growers who are ready to up their gardening game together, while indulging more fully in all the pleaures of the lifestyle.


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Design Inspiration for a Creative Vegetable Garden


This workshop will showcase fresh ideas to elevate an ordinary garden to an extraordinary one with plenty of photos to get the creative juices flowing. Led by Megan Cain, founder of The Creative Vegetable Gardener, this workshop offers ideas for how to design a garden that inspires joy, tips for adding artistic touches to your garden, a list of fun and unique vegetables to grow, and suggestions of where to find inspiration.


The 10 Mistakes I Made in My Vegetable Garden So You Don’t Have To

Trial and error is often a part of the gardening experience. But, you can skip over some of the beginner mistakes and move straight to the more advanced ones! Megan Cain will share the top 10 mistakes she’s made in her (and others’) gardens so you can avoid them in your own.



Plan Your Garden So You Can Eat Locally All Year

Ready to start relying on the grocery store less and your vegetable garden more for organic produce year round? With a little planning you can eat food from your garden during all 12 months. Learn how to strategically plan your garden with easy to grow and store crops, how to elevate production with simple maps and records, when to plant crops so you’re harvesting from your garden for Christmas dinner, and how to grow more food with less work. 


Using Herbs Creatively in the Vegetable Garden

Megan will share the simple step by step process of building an herb spiral to add structure and interest to your garden, how to creatively incorporate herbs into your plantings, unique and colorful herb varieties to grow, and super easy ways to preserve herbs for off season use. 


Food Preserving Without Canning

Preserving food doesn’t have to be difficult or take up a lot of time. And if you think canning is the only option – this workshop is for you! You’ll learn how easy it can be to use your basement, fridge and freezer to preserve excess produce instead. Learn how you can preserve food even if you aren’t a gardener, the easiest ways to preserve everything that comes out of your garden, which foods give you the most bang for your buck, and favorite recipes for using preserved food.


Past Events Include:

WI Garden Expo

Portage County (WI) Master Gardeners Conference

North Central WI Master Gardeners Conference

Winnebago County (WI) Master Gardeners Conference


Madison, WI

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Plan Your Garden So You Can Eat Locally All Year

Susan Mathews from Sheboygan, WI - 06/09/2018 16:55:25

Megan Cain harvests from her garden every month except January, She is a highly knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic gardener and that shows in her presentation. Her talk offers something for everyone whether you are just starting out with a tomato plant and some beans or are very knowledgeable about growing and preserving vegetables. She makes you feel like you, too, can be harvesting spinach in February.

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Inspiring speaker

Abby Ross from Montello, WI - 03/21/2018 13:02:17

Megan is so inspiring! Her presentation on herbs with colorful photos, her sense of humor and her experiential knowledge was engaging. I left the presentation with a plan of action and a fired up "I can do it" attitude.

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Engaging Presentation!

Mary Lee Calihan from Chicago, IL - 03/19/2018 14:21:58

Megan is a delight! Her knowledge, energy, and passion all shine through...and her recent presentation at the Spring Symposium of the Rotary Botanical Gardens was so well-received. We all left with dozens of new ways to grow, prepare, and enjoy herbs!