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Newport, Tennessee 37821

Bobbie is a horticulturist, garden writer, speaker and teacher. She has been a nursery professional for more than 30 years.




     Bobbie has been a freelance writer and nursery professional for more than thirty years. She, with the help of

her husband and daughter, owned and operated The Herb of Grace - Nursery, Shop, Gardens & Tearoom - in Western

North Carolina for many years, and played the roles of propagator, grower, designer, consultant, teacher, chef and

chief bottle washer, and loved every minute of it.  Old roses were at the heart of the nursery, with a supporting cast

of uncommon - but garden worthy - herbs, perennials, shrubs and trees. 

     Since its retirement she has continued to write for magazines and newspapers.  For a time she conducted the

school "Garden Lessons" (with Tea) in her gardens. Another of her passions is the trialing of new plants and sharing

their attributes and failings with other gardeners.

     Now, she and her husband play steward to their thirty acres of native woodland, fledgling arboretum and ever

expanding gardens in the foothills of the Appalachians.


The Romance of Old Roses - History, Design, Culture & Uses

Garden Design - The Cottage Garden and the Garden of Sanctuary, The Wooland Garden and the Potager.

Gardening with Herbs - The Cloister & the Physic - planning, cooking & other uses

Propagation - Seed, Division, Cuttings, Layering

Plant Selection, Soil Preparation & Care

Plant Focus - Camellias & Magnolias, Hydrangeas & Hellebores

Gardening for Wildlife - Elements, pant selection & the Art of "Messy Gardening"

The Magic of Autumn - Selection and planting of the Best Trees, Shrubs and Perennials for Fall

A Garden of Scent through the Seasons

The Garden in Winter - Live & Death in the Garden


"The best garden lesson I've ever had."   Patti

"If this was my garden, I'd never leave."  Marilyn


"I love the custom of lagniappe. I always try to give all my gardening groups that little something extra."   Bobbie


East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina

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