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Cottage In The Court, 7016 Foster Street 7016 Foster Street District Heights, Maryland 20747

Cottage In The Court, also known as Teri Speight is a native Washingtonian who is everything garden. From garden coaching, speaking and currently curating small group Garden Experiences. Step into the world of Cottage In The Court!

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Native Washingtonian, Teresa Speight is one who eats, sleeps and breathes all things gardening. Using her voice to show and

share that gardening soothes the mind, calms the heart and brings joy to those who immerse themselves into it.

As a Garden Writer, Teri shares as often as possible her passionate voice about many things pertaining to the garden. Using basic floral arranging skills, you can catch her vision of "The Flower Show In My Mind" on her Instagram page, most Tuesday's and Thursdays. The blog, https://www.cottageinthecourt.com shares her garden travels, latest book that made her bloom and a bit more about all things beautiful.

Due to repeated requests for small group travels with Teri, Cottage In The Coourt is currenty curating smalll group Garden Experiences. Please inquire so that perhaps one can be curated for your small group, garden club or specialty group. The first one of the year was Opening Day at the Philadelphia Flower Show. A few more are scheduled for 2019 - 2020 ...stay tuned.

Teri also has a unique way of expressing the African American voice in the world of horticulture. A recent column on Medium, raised the question of where is the minority representation in the wonderful world of horticulture. "We Grow More Than Collards" was an eye opening article that made some people thinik. The African American voice and contributions are being discovered and shared. Interested in hearing about how we definity did a bit more than sharecrop? Court me/contact me: teri@cottageinthecourt.com

The historic and always beautiful Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina hosted Teri in Spring 2018 as she spoke about her Roots in the South and Gardening. 

Teri is also Commnication Chair, Capitol Hill Garden Club; Region II Director,  GardenComm; Board Member, Garden Bloggers Fling.

Travels for 2019 will include Florida, Pennsylvania, Denver, Buffalo, Paris/England....perhaos even more.

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