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For garden clubs and groups of landscape enthusiasts

Top 10 Landscaping myths: BUSTED

The most dangerous piece of information is the one everyone "knows is true". In this talk we look at some of the most common and pervasive landscape and garden myths and get to the truth. 

Get out and play! Tips and projects to unplug your family

Families have longed to spend time together outside pretty much since we all moved indoors. Learn about projects and tips that will inspire family members of all ages to get outside and play.

Landscape design fundamentals: principles and elements of design

Not just another plant talk! Have you ever wondered why some designs just seem to work while others don't? There are principles and elements of design that are universal, and are key to a successful landscape. Using examples not just from landscape design but from art, architecture, interiors, and fashion, we'll learn the fundamentals of great design.

For realtors and home services groups

Landscape features to excite the high-end buyer

Curb appeal is more than looking pretty. It's an opportunity to stand out from other homes in the area. In this talk we cover the latest trends in landscape design and look at what really gets buyers excited. 

For landscape and construction industry trade groups

Making business automation personal

Technology has given us myriad ways to automate a lot of our business processes, but this hurts our bottom line if the customer feels unimportant. We discuss some popular business automation tools and way to use them without losing that personal touch. 


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