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We help people learn how to use native plants to host caterpillars and attract butterflies.
We make learning the basic science of butterfly metamorphosis fun using magic, puppets and humor.

w: Butterfly Magic

w: Native Caterpillar Cafe'



Egg. Larva. Pupa. Butterfly. That’s magic!
We make learning this basic science fun using magic, puppets and humor. 
Chris, the caterpillar puppet, helps audiences understand the importance of caterpillars in different ecosystems.

Our Butterfly Magic programs are designed for family audiences and grades K through 5. The program complements events such
as butterfly festivals, insect events, school assemblies and nature events.

Steve leads the design and maintenance of the Native Caterpillar Cafe' at the Botanical Gardens in Springfield, Missouri.
Amy provides gardening and marketing support for this garden. 
The purpose of the garden is to educate people on the importance of native host plants for caterpillars and
the ecological role caterpillars play as a food source for other animals.


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