K.C. Fahy-Harvick

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240 Sylvan Road 14618

Perennial and aquatics expert, gives entertaining lectures showing her expertise in designing colorful, innovative landscapes. A sought after horticulturist with a rare depth of knowledge in perennials, containers, birds, maintenance and aftercare.

e: kcfh60@gmail.com


PERENNIAL POWER - Innovative use of perennials in the landscape for season-long color, curb appeal, and front entrance impact.  Plant combinations for better color and design success.


FOUR SEASON CONTAINERS - Bring more pizzazz to your front entrance all year long.  Any outdoor space can benefit from spectacular containers.  Secrets to winter containers.


SPRING INTO ACTION - FIVE STEPS TO MAINTENANCE-FREE GARDENS - Follow these easy steps, and use less chemicals, less water, less elbow grease, and enjoy your gardens.


ALL ABOUT BIRDS - habitats, gardens, attracting, feeding, squirrel proofing.


MAKE OVERS - restorations, edits, and do-overs.  How to decide what to keep, what to restore, what to rip out, and how to make it look fresh and new.  


THE GARDEN SANCTUARY - No matter how large or small, your space can be the calming escape you need.


Rochester New York 14618

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