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Welcome to explore the exciting world of Medicinal plants!
Ana is a Botanical pharmacology specialist, Master of Science in Pharmacy, Speaker, certified Landscaper and Herbal garden designer.

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Apothecary Garden

Jean Douglas-Webb from Aldergrove, British Columbia - 08/27/2019 14:37:20

Aldergrove Library hosted a presentation by Anastasiia on creating an Apothecary Garden for all seasons. Following the very informative presentation, including a slideshow, we tasted several herbal teas. This came at a perfect time for me since I had built the structure for my garden but hadn't chosen the plants. Thank you Anastasiia!

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Culinary Herbs

bob Donnelly from Surrey, British Columbia - 08/26/2019 17:14:53

I attended a presentation on Culinary Herbs made by Anastasiia. I found the presentation very informative and Anastasiia's still very engaging.

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Herbs in a community garden

Faye Maddock from BC - 08/26/2019 10:21:02

Anastasiia came to a meeting of our community garden to talk about herbs that would be suitable for our garden. She had lots of ideas with types of herbs and how they could be planted in our space. She also told us how the herbs could be used in cooking and for healing remedies. She even made tea using the herbs we already had growing.
She is a wealth of information on the subject of herbs. We enjoyed her talk very much.

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Margaret Cuthbert from White Rock - 08/19/2019 12:32:09

Ana creates appreciation for plants we may take for granted and inspiration for the many ways we can use plants to enrich our lives. Thank you Anastasiia for your dedication and passion for plants and for your generous sharing of knowledge. and expertise. We are so fortunate to know you!

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Wonderful Presentation!

Gillian from White Rock - 08/18/2019 13:22:15

I had the chance to attend Anastasiia's presentation at the White Rock library. The presentation was full of great information about the uses of garden herbs that we have readily available. I learned how to make much better use of what I already grow and was inspired to grow more - even in my limited space. The speaker was fun, approachable, clearly loves the subject and was extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend!