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Welcome to explore the exciting world of Medicinal plants!
Ana is a Botanical pharmacology specialist, Master of Science in Pharmacy, Speaker, certified Landscaper and Herbal garden designer.

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Anastasiia is amazing!

Angelika Kaufman from Surrey, BC - 12/30/2019 23:44:38

Absolutely wonderful! She is a very gracious, enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter that offers a refreshingly unusual cultural perspective, that compliments my interest in local/aboriginal plant knowledge. Her workshop fed my curiosity and empowered me to feel confident in growing, harvesting and preparing common medicinal european herbs for a variety of applications. I highly recommend her workshops!! 🌱

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Fantastic Speaker

Egan Davis from Vancouver - 12/15/2019 17:03:26

Anastasiia has delivered workshops to UBC Botanical Garden's Horticulture Training Program. In a 1 hour session, Anastasiia dynamically combines interactive activities, stimulating lecture, and an interpretive walk in the garden. She blends a rich knowledge with passion and enthusiasm. Every year, the students rave about her visit to the class as one of the highlights of the year. I wholeheartedly recommend Anastassiia as a guest speaker, lecturer and educator.

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Tasty Medicinal Plants

Lynn Valley Garden Club from British Columbia - 10/18/2019 15:44:12

Ana, thank you for a great talk! I'm sure all of us enjoyed it - and wished more. We really appreciate your calm presence and your enjoyment of the subject. Thank you!

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Library Programs

Sarah T from North Vancouver - 09/28/2019 12:39:19

Anastasiia has presented twice at our library and both presentations have been excellent. Her programs are both educational and hands on and I always learn something new after hearing her speak.

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Apothecary Garden

Jean Douglas-Webb from Aldergrove, British Columbia - 08/27/2019 14:37:20

Aldergrove Library hosted a presentation by Anastasiia on creating an Apothecary Garden for all seasons. Following the very informative presentation, including a slideshow, we tasted several herbal teas. This came at a perfect time for me since I had built the structure for my garden but hadn't chosen the plants. Thank you Anastasiia!