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With more than ten years leading public gardens and a lifetime tinkering with plants, I am a passionate planting designer who prioritizes ecology, resiliency, and four-season interest through exceptional planting design.

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Engaging and motivational

Jane Cramer from Madison, WI - 09/07/2020 13:16:34

Ben is a visionary and innovative gardener who believes passionately that “gardens will save the world”. I have heard Ben speak on the air and in person a number of times and have always come away armed with novel ideas and a broader perspective about what a garden can and should be. He is up-to-date on the latest design principles and is always seeking ways to make the garden a healthier, more resilient and meaningful place. Ben also believes that plants are a medium for building relationships among the people and communities around them. He speaks with such energy and enthusiasm that you will leave the presentation itching to get back into your own garden to put his ideas to work!

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Making Gardening Equitable and Relevant

Karla Geiger from Greendale - 09/02/2020 10:41:08

When Ben spoke to our Southeast Wisconsin Master Gardener Volunteer group, he helped us realize that gardens connect all of us. Public gardens have such impact and relevance in our society and communities. Powerful speaker!!

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Passionate about Plants and People

Jennifer Lazewski from Milwaukee, WI - 08/30/2020 22:12:35

I have experienced Ben’s skill as a presenter and communicator on several occasions, in person as well as virtually. He inspires people with his engaging and passionate style as well as his innovative views and programs. His ideas are both simple and profound in finding ways to connect people through and with plants—putting the “culture” in horticulture as he phrases it. Ben has created novel approaches and built successful programs inclusive of all from those with no plant knowledge to trained expert Master Gardener Volunteers. He views horticulture with creativity, curiosity, flexibility and a unique vision that includes a wider lens and connection to community and wellness. He understands and teaches the new trends in design and use of native and other plants to create more resilient and sustainable landscapes. He is also equally capable of explaining basic gardening principles and plant care to multi-generational audiences. His positive energy and thought-provoking ideas energize his audience to change the world through plants just as he promises.

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An Outstanding Speaker

Pamela Kitslaar from Monona,Wisconsin - 08/30/2020 12:35:03

Ben is an engaging,energetic, and knowledgeable speaker who moves his audience to think even beyond plant material. One comes away not only with great current information and creative ideas for the garden, but also thoughts on ways to become an ethical gardener and an equitable partner with our plants and nature. He passionately believes gardening is an investment in hope and healing. Ben's talks are an inspiration!

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An inspired and engaging speaker

Liza Lightfoot from Madison - 08/28/2020 01:02:19

Ben has a unique and fascinating outlook on garden design. He is a powerful speaker and will inspire fellow gardeners to take exciting risks to break the molds of traditional gardening practices. His talks are always filled with creative ideas and on the cutting edge of new trends. Anytime you see Ben listed as a speaker, sign up so see him. You will come away with new ideas and fresh inspiration!