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Bonnie is blogger, free-lance garden writer, garden stylist, and speaker out of Southern California. Bonnie has recently coauthored the national best-seller, Gardening with Free-Range Chickens for Dummies (Wiley).

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Thank You So Much

Kate Engler from California - 01/23/2017 17:26:55

Thank you so much for speaking to our group on Monday. What a treat for all of us to stroll through Provence for the first or second or maybe third time! You made me look good and I appreciate it. Warmly, Kate Engler, Las Jardineras Garden Club

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Engaging Speaker

Rebecca Sweet from California - 05/13/2016 19:30:09

As the Seminar Manager for the 2016 SF Garden Show, I was so pleased to have Bonnie Jo Manion as a guest speaker. Her topic was 'The Magic of Provence' and it was a huge hit with the crowd. We'd welcome her to speak at our show any time she likes!

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Terrific Speaker

Mary Ellen Bacon from California - 07/22/2015 19:23:45

Bonnie Manion is a delight. She brought the Magic of Provence to Ocean Hills Garden Club. Bonnie held our attention with her beautiful photographs of her travels to Provence. She was punctual, professional, warm, friendly and interesting. We are all eager to incorporate the lovely elements of Provence style into our gardens and homes after hearing Bonnie’s presentation. Bonnie is a wonderful speaker.

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Great Speaker!

Devonna Hall from La Jolla, CA - 06/02/2013 10:28:48

Bonnie spoke on "Backyard Chickens" at the Master Gardener Spring Seminar on May 4th. Since then, many people have said, "How do we get her back?" She was entertaining, well-prepared, and charming. One reviewer said, "Spend as much time as you can with Bonnie. You can learn a lot!"
Bonnie's class was sold out. She is professional, interesting
and a joy to work with! I highly recommend her as a speaker.

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Beautiful Presentation

Jeanne Yale from Laguna Beach, CA - 12/10/2012 11:46:06

Bonnie Manion's beautiful presentation of the Magic of Provence offers a unique perspective on the Southern California lifestyle. After spending many years transforming a once neglected acre of land into a wonderful and bountiful petit Provence, her experience and ideas inspired our garden club to envision the possibilities of their own gardens. Bonnie's passion and enthusiasm are present in her slide show which is full of creative ideas about gardening, cooking, entertaining and design.