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Carol Chernega shares her two passions: Pruning and England. Your group will learn how to prune shrubs, or how to avoid the 7 mistakes home gardeners make. Carol can take them on a tour of English gardens, or teach them how to create one.

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Seven Mistakes - Practical Solutions!

Sue Casker from PA - 05/14/2018 18:46:40

Carol recently spoke at the Zelienople Historical Society Garden Talk. We're hearing very positive feedback from our 90 plus attendees. Carol explained common mistakes gardeners make that span many topics....pruning, garden design, container planting, growing healthy plants, etc. She speaks clearly, often involving the audience, so people take a lot of practical ideas with them to use in their own gardens. Highly recommended!

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Karen Fullerman from Twinsburg - 03/08/2017 16:38:57

Carol was invited to speak at our Saturday Gardening Series and she was very entertaining. She was very professional but funny and had some great stories from her time in England. The audience loved her!! We had great comments on both of her talks - English Gardens & Pruning. Very pleased all the way around.
Karen Fullerman
Summit County Ohio Master Gardeners

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A Wonderful Choice!

Cheryl Martin from Zelienople, PA - 04/10/2015 15:05:30

We invited Carol to speak about pruning at our recent Spring Symposium fundraiser and she did a wonderful job! She was engaging and interesting and I loved hearing her personal stories. We presented her with a shaggy shrub and she very efficiently demonstrated how to properly prune it -- beautiful when she finished with it. Carol was a wonderful choice for our event and I would not hesitate to invite her back. Thanks Carol!

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Penn Garden Club Event

Lyn Eckert from Harrisburg, Pa - 02/09/2012 14:08:15


I loved gardens and England, too. And Carol did a great job of giving us an overview of English authors and their gardens. Her talk was well planned but not limited to just an outline. I enjoyed her slides and her personal comments presented more of an intimate look at English gardens and her actual experience. I enjoyed my trip to the literary gardens very much!

I would recommend her as a speaker and her book to anyone who has an interest in gardening and the romance of England.

Lyn Eckert