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Gardener, writer, owner of the world's largest hoe collection, keeper of the secrets to happiness in your garden, and collector of old gardening books, Carol Michel shares about all kinds of gardening with a mix of humor and horticulture.

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Knolwledge and Humor

Ann Herrman from Richmond, IN - 09/18/2019 16:43:37

Carol spoke at the Petal and Stem Garden Club September meeting, and her presentation was very informative with a good amount of humor. Afterwards all the members comments how much they enjoyed her. In fact, she was so well received we are having her as a speaker at the Garden Club of Indiana State Convention in April. She also had some of her book for sale and they are a fun read. I highly recommend her to share her knowledge in such an entertaining way.

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Humor and Intelligence

Jessica Walliser from PA - 09/12/2019 11:51:08

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Carol at a recent event in Michigan, and I was impressed by both her use of humor and her gardening knowledge. She had the crowd in stitches while still giving them useful information on how to be a better gardener. Two green thumbs up for Carol!

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Hancock County Master Gardener Green Thumb Series

Elaine Whitfield from Carthage - 04/08/2019 21:57:29

Carol connected with the audience almost immediately with her down-to-earth, humorous observations of gardening and those that practice it. I would definitely recommend her to other gardening groups.

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Humor and Gardening Tips Make a Great Program

Vicki Snarr from Indiana - 04/08/2019 11:42:30

Carol Michel spoke at the Hancock County Green Thumb Project Event this past Saturday. Her whimsical approach to good gardening practices really resonated with our audience. All feed back was positive. We highly recommend her "12 Secrets to Happiness in Your Garden" presentation! Carol is a easy to work with and so knowledgeable.

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Tidbits and Treasures from Old Gardening Books

Indianapolis Hosta Society from Indianapolis, IN - 10/11/2018 10:40:08

I’ve heard Carol speak several times and she can make any garden related topic interesting, even old gardening books. We loved her humor and her extensive knowledge.