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Claire is the author of California Month by Month Gardening and California Fruit and Vegetable Gardening. Whether speaking at large garden shows or to small garden clubs, Claire engages each and every audience with enthusiasm and solid information.

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Informative and Fun

Catherine Soso from Orinda - 01/14/2015 22:34:49

Claire spoke for our garden club today and was personable, knowledgeable and very helpful. Even some of our master gardeners learned something from her talk. I can't imagine any group that would not be engaged by her presentation. She would suit any garden group.

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Excellent speaker--knows her subject!

Charlotte Bagby from Oakland, CA 94611 - 10/22/2013 13:13:52

I attended Claire Splan’s September 28, 2013, talk at the Marin Art and Garden Center on growing and harvesting the best edibles in California, specifically in the Bay Area. Her presentation was part of an event called “A Garden for All Seasons: Edibles,” sponsored by the UC Marin Master Gardeners, The Garden Conservancy, and Marin Art and Garden Center. When I saw that Claire was on the program for this event, I marked my calendar. I know her work and reputation from her excellent book "California Fruit & Vegetable Gardening: Plant, Grow, and Eat the Best Edibles for California Gardens," which I happened upon at the public library, then decided to buy to take with me when I go to Home Depot or a neighborhood nursery.

Claire got right to the point in her presentation: what to plant NOW (in the fall) in this area (Bay Area). She recommended a good 3 dozen edibles (and specific varieties), from brassicas to berries to fruit trees to root vegetables to leafy vegetables. She also imparted some tips. For example, plant cover crops (e.g., fava beans) to replenish nitrogen in the soil; don’t prune or handle foliage when it is wet; use only organic fertilizers; and deter pesky raccoons by soaking a rag in ammonia or rubbing alcohol, then laying it in their path. During the Q & A, Claire deftly answered many questions posed by what appeared to be pretty experienced gardeners who came armed with detailed questions.

Claire ended her talk by passing out favors--packets of organic seeds—as well as a handout listing which edibles to plant in autumn, recommended books (in addition to her own), and some seed websites. One more thing: I learned during the introduction that Claire was the very first person in the Bay Area to blog about gardening (An Alameda Garden: http://alamedagarden.blogspot.com). I look forward to reading her blog as well as buying her next book, "California Month-by-Month Gardening," scheduled for publication in January 2014.