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Keynote speaker, self-proclaimed "lawn chair gardener” & author of 3 books, Pape inspires audiences “to make your yard work for you--& the Earth too.” She educates & entertains about year-round gardening with a sense of purpose & sense of humor.

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A fun and educational presentation

Carolyn Beach from Robbinsdale - 11/22/2017 18:28:03

Dawn is the kind of speaker you hope for when you book a presentation. Well prepared (and brings her own equipment) and she presents her material in an informal, lively manner. So she keeps your attention but you also learn a lot from her. Good power point visuals too. Our garden club really enjoyed her "Lawn Chair Gardening" talk!

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lawn chair gardeners

judy koniecki from Crystal MN - 11/20/2017 10:27:15

this presentation by dawn was one of the best for this year's diggers garden club. Very insightful and helpful to all gardeners. Great speaker; presentation on environmental subjects was outstanding.