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Looking for a dynamic speaker on waterwise, edible, and sustainable gardening? Nan Sterman will inspire your group of hobbyists or professionals, with a customized talk, demonstration, or hands-on workshop that will change the way they garden.

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Wonderful Speaker with Great Ideas

MaryJo Lusnak from Longmont, CO - 03/19/2021 18:48:37

I really enjoyed Nan's one-hour talk on design concepts. She had some great ideas on how to get more color in your garden. There were lots of photos to illustrate her concepts.

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Great speaker

Jodell Stetson from Loveland - 03/06/2021 12:17:37


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Terrific Talk!

Eowyn Bates from San Diego - 10/09/2019 18:15:18

Nan spoke at the San Diego Natural History Museum in September 2019 and did a terrific job. She customized her talk to focus on native plants and was clear, helpful, and entertaining. The information she presented was practical and inspiring.

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Excellent lecture on native plants!

Emma Bloom from San Diego - 09/30/2019 13:50:06

We invited Nan to give a lecture on native plants for San Diego gardens here at the San Diego Natural History Museum. She tailored the talk to our audience and kept them extremely engaged with her practical advice and beautiful photos. On follow-up surveys, Nan received exceptionally high scores from our audience. I highly recommend Nan as a lecturer for an audience of any experience level.

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Vegetable Seed Starting Workshop

Chona Shumate from San Marcos - 03/27/2019 18:14:45

The workshop was excellent. Nan was welcoming and excited about giving the class. I liked the intro, the little bit of the botony science she shared, and the pace was perfect. Loved the hands on and especially coming away with everything ready to go. Nan was incredibly patient and answered everyone’s questions. I think we all appreciated the reason “why” in all her responses, too.
She had everything all covered and the workshop ran smoothly.