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Heather is an award-winning author and nationally sought-after speaker spending much of her time passionately educating audiences about the fascinating world of native bees and the native plants that support them.

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THe Best

Deb from MI - 04/01/2018 23:04:22

Heather Holm is an incredible resource. I have listened to her twice and have read her books. I wish all gardeners could hear her speak , perhaps that would change the exotic plant market to one that supports our native pollinators.

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Incredible Information

Jeff Z from Nicollet, MN - 01/20/2016 19:27:38

Heather gave a presentation on native bees at a recent pollinator workshop and was easily the best speaker there, many attendees had positive comments.

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More please

Hal Mann from Perrysburg, Ohio - 11/20/2014 14:31:26

We brought Heather to Northwest Ohio to speak at the 2014 Ohio Prairie Conference. Her presentation was a resounding success. She researched and tailored her presentation to the native plants and pollinators of our area. She wowed the crowd with her easy-going yet incredibly knowledgeable style of talking. She also did a presentation the following day for a general audience and likewise wowed them. We'll have her back at the next opportunity and I'll certainly go well out of my way to hear her again and again.

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Pollinators of native plants

trudi Poquette from minneapolis - 11/13/2014 03:44:33

since hearing her presentation at our garden club(wild ones) several years ago I can say that Ms Holm has truly grown as a presenter.

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Super speaker!

Becky D from Madison, OH - 11/12/2014 21:57:47

Great presentation with fabulous pictures and observations. Highly recommend her as a speaker!