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Jana Milbocker and Joan Butler jointly lecture on a variety of horticultural and garden design topics. Both are avid gardeners, plant collectors, garden designers and writers, and combine these interests in richly illustrated and researched lectures.

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Lovely presentation on container gardening

Elyse from Massachusetts - 05/09/2017 16:48:49

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation on container gardening. Big and small containers, whimsical or formal, a variety of seasons, plant materials and "levels of difficulty." I was thankful I was invited to this presentation.

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Greenleaf Garden Club

Dianne from Milford, MA - 04/15/2017 13:37:49

We really enjoyed the presentation! We all walked away with some great ideas for this summer's gardens. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of gardening with us.

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Thank you for educating us.

Jan from Cohasett, MA - 04/10/2017 17:00:16

Thank you for educating us. I can’t tell you how many members said that they never knew how important insects were in the diet of birds. Your presentation was so clear and well organized, as well as lush in your choice of illustrations. We would like you to move to Cohasset so that your gorgeous garden could be one of our “drop-ins.” Wonderful job!

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Designing Shady Retreats

Eileen Jobson from Pawling, NY - 03/03/2017 09:57:24

As a novice gardener, I was enthralled with this topic. So eloquently presented, I felt as though I had an hour of serene retreat, all the while absorbing inspiring concepts on color connections, creating balance and layering, repetition, adding art and sculpture. The knowledge and passion that Jana and Joan shared with attendees was authentic and encouraging. I will now be looking at every shady nook with endless possibilities in mind!

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Spring Ephemerals

Maureen Christmas from Acton - 02/12/2017 15:11:23

I was lucky enough to be in the audience when Joan Butler and Jana Milbocker presented their program on Spring Ephemerals. The information was conveyed using wonderful, informative vocabulary accompanied by beautiful, clearly visible photos in a PowerPoint presentation. I look forward to attending more of their programs.