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If you love plants, have a good sense of humor and enjoy meeting fellow gardening enthusiasts we are meant to meet!

Gardening should be FUN and that's what I'm all about; learn while you laugh, and never take yourself (or your garden) too seriously

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available and informative

Janice Noe from Edmonds, WA - 01/27/2020 23:33:48

What a delight! Karen is an acclaimed speaker and author who took the time to arrive early and interact with our garden club as they arrived for her program. She is a relaxed,professional, available, enthusiastic and focused in a delight full balance. Her program is beautifully laid out in a focused, organized format that includes personal intimacy. Lots of shared asides. You have the experience of talking with a friend about their garden and how they organized what is important to them when they designed it. Thoughtful, provoking directions and connections that encourage the gardener to work with expressing color and form creatively to achieve beautiful garden designs. Such great take aways &-)!

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Informative and Inspiring

Donna Bogumill from Olympia - 11/22/2019 14:29:19

Our garden club thoroughly enjoyed Karen's presentation. She provided great ideas on both why and how to use focal points and vignettes in the garden. Her explanations were clear and easy to understand and were accompanied by photos that beautifully illustrated each point. Karen is a delightful speaker and a pleasure to work with.

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Informative and personable

Martin Kral from Shoreline - 10/18/2019 12:01:27

Our dahlia audience was inspired by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable presentation of Karen Chapman. She offered her insights into creating and maintaining striking containers and illustrated the talk with examples of her own creations. We hope to have her back with more of these,specific to integrating dahlias in the landscape.

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Educational and Inspiring

Ellina Sorokina from Kensington, Maryland - 09/26/2019 12:52:42

Karen’s thoughtful vision of the designing process was presented to the audience in simple and understandable ways. She shared plenty of useful tips for the creating outdoor garden spaces that are functional, attractive, long-lasting and artful. Her lessons in US Botanic Garden on foliage and focal points, and deer resistant designs, were very inspiring for me, and I highly recommend these presentations for gardeners and landscape designers of all skill levels.

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Thoughtful and Practical

Nora Sirbaugh from Pennington, NJ - 09/26/2019 12:23:57

Karen's images and ideas were beautiful and her recommendations pragmatic
and practical in the face of every dratted critter in the garden. And a good
sense of humor as well. Very enjoyable and knowledgeable. Came away with
some good ideas.