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I aim to always be accessible and informative – and to share new ways to think rather than just a bunch of facts or list of plants. Images are beautiful, inspiring and plentiful, talks have environmental, aesthetic and hands-on practical advice.

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Great Speaker

Mark Weathington from Raleigh, NC - 02/21/2019 06:43:43

Karen is a fantastic speaker and wonderful photographer. She was such a pleasure to host for our winter symposium.

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Solving Garden Problems

Kathy Niver from Hebron CT - 11/17/2018 13:38:21

I've gardened most of my adult life and professionally for 10 yrs. still I always learn new things when I attend a lecture by Karen Bussolini. She's knowledgeable, In tune with the environment and habitat that gardens provide, has an artistic design eye, and is a pleasure to listen to. Her photo experience adds extra "wow" to her presentations.

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Great Speaker

Ellie Loughlin from Nanuet, New York - 10/12/2018 12:27:09

Karen spoke to a District X Luncheon(NYSFederated Garden Clubs. Every in attendance loved Karen. She is an exciting speaker with tremendous knowledge of plants. She wowed us with her knowledge.. We are all going to "Jazz Up" our gardens. You won't go wrong with Karen!

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Easy to Listen To

Anne Harrigan from Danbury, CT - 08/03/2018 15:41:59

Karen's lecture was on herbs and was very clear and interesting - the time went by so quickly. I hope to see her again.

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a natural educator

Alice Wyman from New Canaan - 07/30/2018 15:05:57

Karen presents images that clearly contrast what works/ what doesn't -- very beautifully and very constructively.