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Kathryn Aalto is an American teacher, landscape designer, historian & NY Times Best Selling author. Her focus is on places where nature & culture intersect: teaching literature of nature & place, designing gardens & writing about the natural world.

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Fascinating viewpoint

Kylee Baumle from Ohio - 05/01/2017 00:08:55

I specifically wanted to attend the Northwest Flower & Garden Show to hear Kathryn Aalto speak. As an avid gardener and a Classic Pooh collector who would dearly love to visit the English countryside where Milne lived and the Pooh stories originated, I was excited to hear Kathryn's take on it from a botanical point of view. I was not disappointed. Her photos and oral descriptions of the land and how they played into the Pooh stories were fascinating and the talk was over before I knew it. This was not your usual garden talk. It was so much more and I left the talk wanting even more to visit Ashdown Forest someday.

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Clever and evocative

Karen Castle from Snohomish, WA - 03/30/2017 07:47:57

I had the good fortune to hear Kathryn speak at our local library in Monroe, Washington. She showed gorgeous slides of the English countryside and spoke about them in relation to Winnie the Pooh. Kathryn is a clever and evocative speaker. Not only did I learn about the natural world that inspired author and father A.A. Milne, but Kathryn's presentation made me feel like packing my bag and travelling to see for myself!

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Speaker review

Pam Bruhl from Fort Worth, tx - 03/18/2017 16:49:50

Kathryn is an exuberant,learned,interactive speaker. She spoke at the Fort Worth Garden Club in the Botanic Gardens about The Natural World of Winnie the Pooh. That alone is charming, but she brought it to life with slides of the real habitats of the characters. The audience enjoyed answering her questions and asking questions. She is a delightful speaker.

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Extraordinary Seminar from Extraordinary Speaker

Janet Endsley from Seattle, WA - 03/02/2017 13:18:08

Kathryn Aalto was a Speaker at the 2016 Northwest Flower & Garden Show. I found all of our advance communications in making the arrangements for her appearance/book signings to be warm and gracious. Kathryn is a charming speaker, and really connected with our mostly Northwest gardening audience. They seemed to appreciate her historical stories, and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful photos of the English plants and landscapes. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn for any group wishing to bring in a speaker who is warm, charming, interesting and has a fascinating new and unique story to tell that puts her in a genre all her own for gardening enthusiasts. ~ Janet Endsley, Seminar Manager, Northwest Flower & Garden Show

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Hometown presentation

Kathryn Aalto from California - 02/28/2017 11:37:04

Kathryn came home to central California to present a program in my front room. It wasn't the most convenient of venues, but Kathryn was nimble in the tech setup for her presentation, and gave a wonderful program about her book "The Natural World of Winnie the Pooh". She really made the Hundred Acre Wood come to life in our little walnut orchard in California, and the reception afterward was a true pleasure, when we could visit with Kathryn, ask more questions, and have our books signed. It was a very entertaining afternoon with a very warm and interesting author.