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Ken Druse is a writer, radio host, and the award-winning author/photographer of 18 gardening books. He is a popular speaker known for his vivid presentations.

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GMGA Conference

Jacqueline Dost from Carrollton GA - 10/01/2016 10:20:43

Very informative & entertaining!!

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Very enjoyable and informative

Ann from Rhode Island - 11/09/2015 20:24:24

Ken Druse spoke at the annual Master Gardener's Meeting in RI and gave a very enjoyable talk! Articulate, knowledgable, funny, and great slides. I would recommend him highly.

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Insightful and Inspiring

Andrea Sprott from Charlotte, NC - 11/07/2015 19:05:36

I drove down to Atlanta to see Ken at the Cherokee Garden Library's 40th Anniversary celebration. His presentation was thoughtfully arranged, included beautiful photographs and video, and kept the whole audience rapt.
Ken is a top-notch presenter with an artistic way of sharing his experiences and knowledge.

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Inspirational and Knowledgeable

Staci Catron from Atlanta, GA - 10/23/2015 16:56:55

Ken gave the keynote lecture recently at the Cherokee Garden Library's 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Atlanta History Center. The sold-out crowd raved about this inspiring and informative lecture.

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Fantastic speaker for your garden club and more

Nancy Schwartz from Maplewood, NJ - 05/05/2015 22:29:08

Ken Druse lit up our evening last night at the Maplewood Garden Club. Speaking with great expertise, a refreshing sense of humor and a palatable love of plants and garden, Ken delivered so much more than the usual tips and tricks.

Yes, our club members did leave the meeting educated on companion planting (the topic last night). But even more importantly, they left moved, enthused and inspired. You can't do better speaker-wise than Ken Druse!