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Kerry Ann Mendez is a 'passionate perennialist' mixing humor with practical tips for creating low-maintenance, high impact gardens. Thousands have been inspired by her approach to breathtaking, sustainable gardens & landscapes. HGTV, national mags..

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great job

Nan Donovan from Shrewsbury - 03/18/2018 17:19:30

Kerry was an excellent, intelligent, energetic speaker

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My brain is full!

Jean Paulsen from St.Johnsbury, Vt - 02/28/2018 19:02:00

Kerry was engaging and informative. I appreciated her detailed handouts and plant lists: having plant spellings and specifics neatly in hand freed me to enjoy her stunning slides!

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Presentation Rating

Carolyn C. Thorne from Pittsburgh, PA - 02/27/2018 16:34:38

I greatly enjoy Kerry Ann Mendez's Perennially Yours webinars. Kerry always has a great presentation. Looking forward to the next one.

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Sorry this wasn't longer

Joan from lynn - 02/20/2018 19:08:51

When Kerry was finished I was disappointed that we couldn't have another hour of her gems. So interesting.

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Very informative

kathryn from nj - 01/28/2018 16:16:01

Energetic and informative speaker