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I'm an avid gardener, citizen scientist, author, and speaker, who is passionate about monarch butterflies, as well as photographing nature.

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Monarch Butterfly

Jean L Erskine from Dayton - 04/08/2019 20:35:21

Excellent speaker. Very organized. Speaks clearly. Good, interesting information. Excellent photos and videos.

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Monarchs Rule

David Banks from Xenia - 03/30/2019 18:35:46

Kylee is a VERY engaging speaker. I learned a great deal about Monarchs and she made the learning fun. I even came close to tears when she showed pictures of the Monarch wintering in Mexico. I was so rev'd up after her talk, I immediately registered as a Monarch Waystation. I am 66 and felt like an 8 year old being exposed to this for the first time. Riveting.

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Praise for Kylee

Kathryny Yingst from Lima, OH - 03/17/2018 17:38:50

Kylee is definitely passionate about her topic. Very personable and knowledgeable about Monarch butterflies. Went right out and bought her book!

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Passionate Speaker

Rachel Hoverman from Van Wert, Ohio - 05/08/2017 11:34:27

I heard Ms. Baumle speak at our Regional Garden Club meeting in the Fall of 2016. She spoke with great passion and complete understanding of her beloved topic: The Monarch Butterfly. She has since published a well respected book on the topic. I can say that I came away from her talk informed but eager to know more about the Monarch. One highlight of her presentation was her personal photography, which was another nod to her affection for her topic.