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Marianne is an award-winning garden columnist, Master Gardener and the author of Big Dreams, Small Garden (2017). Speaking to gardeners at all levels on many topics, she delivers motivational and informative presentations that energize and educate.

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Excellent Garden Program at Frederick County Publi

Melissa V. from Frederick, MD - 11/21/2017 15:44:24

Our organization contacted Marianne for a garden program last summer. She presented the topic “The Recycled Garden,” which was enjoyable and informative. Marianne is adept at engaging audiences because she is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and approachable. It was wonderful working with her and having her speak at the library. I’d highly recommend her as a speaker.

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Ellis Burruss from Brunswick, MD - 11/18/2017 15:27:08

    Gardening friends prevailed upon me to hear Marianne Wilburn talk recently despite my tepid interest in the topic. Much to my surprise and pleasure, she was funny, knowledgeable and engaging – Willburn was comfortable with the audience and a pleasure to watch. I came away with a lot of ideas and plant suggestions to the point that my interest in gardening has been rekindled.

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"Big Dreams, Small Gardens"

Jill H. Johnson from Lovettsville - 11/12/2017 12:05:28

In 4 years of booking speakers for our Master Gardener monthly lecture series, I have had the pleasure of hearing many first-rate presentations, but Marianne's recent talk on her new book was the best ever. I was contacted by at least ten MGs who said it was the best talk we had ever had. Marianne is so knowledgeable and yet so warm and engaging. Her column "The Small Town Gardener" and her book showcase her considerable writing skills, and she brings the same witty turns of phrase to her public speaking. Her enthusiasm for all things horticultural is contagious and conveying that enthusiasm, I have learned, is the the mark of a top-notch speaker.

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Garden Club Speaker

Laura Scherzer from Frederick - 11/10/2017 13:55:50

Our garden club recently spent a warm and lively evening with Marianne as she shared good ideas and healthy perspectives for using and appreciating nature. Few of us are great gardeners, but Marianne showed us how to take small gardening steps to achieve happy results! 4f927