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Enthusiasm and passion infuse Susie's engaging, professional programs. From "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies" to "How to do Yoga for the Gardener," audiences are entertained AND educated. Her videos, photos & PPT DELIGHT!

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Monarch butterflies

Ginny Clark from Long Beach, Ca. - 02/13/2019 21:33:24

Wonderful program and Susie so energetic and delightful in her presentation and in person.. We would rate her a 5 star and would love to have her back for the Naples Islands Garden Club.

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Kay Miller from Fullerton - 11/13/2018 18:02:42

Susie was our speaker at the annual meeting of Fullerton Beautiful. She captivated us with her story, her enthusiasm and her experience - in nurturing Monarch butterflies for over 25 years. She answered many questions and we all left inspired that we, too, can help these creatures in their journey.

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Yoga for Gardeners

Kathle from Brea, CA - 09/12/2018 15:29:37

Susie gave a wonderful presentation on Yoga for Gardeners with a great demonstration video. She led us in the exercises and inspired us to move carefully as we garden. Very inspiring. I highly recommend Susie as a garden club speaker..

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Excellent Speaker

Margaret Harris from Whittier, CA - 09/10/2018 19:11:05

Our "Garden Thyme Club" has greatly enjoyed 2 programs by Susie. Monarach Butterflies & also Yoga for Gardeners. She is a very engaging & energetic speaker & we all had a good time with her as speaker!

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Butterfly Gardening

Judy Ryan from Lafayette, CA - 11/13/2017 15:56:23

The garden club audience was mesmerized by Susie's presentation on Butterfly Gardening, with a focus on Monarch butterflies. The presentation slides were beautiful, even including video from her 'Story of Chester' DVD. I would highly recommend Susie Vanderlip as a speaker.