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Monarch Butterflies add beauty and grace to our gardens; and these pollinators need our help! Blending science, art and spirit, Susie Vanderlip shares all you need to know to enjoy and help save these complex creatures. Adults & kids all LOVE Bflies!

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Monarch Butterfly Program

Doug Lithgow from Huntington Beach - 05/22/2017 11:35:26

Susie Vanderlip presented a program on Monarch Butterflies to Sea and Sage Audubon at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary on May 19. I found her to be a very informative and dynamic speaker with a wonderful ability to engage the audience. She dealt with a few technical hiccups in a professional manner and stayed on point during her talk. She did a great job and we were happy to have her.

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Monarch Butterflies

San Pedro Garden Club from Rancho Palos Verdes - 05/04/2017 12:40:27

Many members came up to me after Susie's presentation on Monarch Butterflies to say how much they enjoyed her. Lou

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Excellent, fantastic, personal,

Master Gardeners-Riverside Co from Hemet - 02/10/2017 12:13:49

The Monarch Butterfly presentation is excellent and Susie brings to life and shows first hand with images their amazing life cycle & habits. Good for all ages!!!

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Wonderful Speaker

Diane Riopka from Laguna Niguel, CA - 02/05/2017 19:32:12

Susie was entertaining, energetic, organized, and provided valuable information on the life cycle of the Monarch as well as how to attract Monarchs to one's garden. She also addressed the controversy of tropical vs. native milkweed for Monarchs. Her presentation was further enhanced by great written, audio, and visual materials.

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Dynamic Speaker

Marilyn Rubin from Torrance - 11/01/2016 19:54:29

Susie Vanderlip is a dynamic presenter. Our audience of over 50 garden club members totally enjoyed Susie’s program. She mesmerized us with incredible live action visuals of monarch butterflies during their various stages of development. Susie explained to us how she was able to attain these amazing shots. She motivated our members to want to plant the monarch butterflies’ host plant, milkweed, in our yards and gardens; and she taught us how to nurture those milkweed plants once established. Susie narrates a well-prepared media show to her audience. She has created a DVD and a charming fictional book, The Story of Chester, about monarch butterflies, both of which are totally appropriate for young elementary school students. The Riviera Garden Club in Southern California highly recommends Susie Vanderlip as a speaker for garden clubs, elementary schools and other organizations interested in nature.