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If Shenanigans and Chardonnay had a baby girl, she would be exactly like Peggy Hill. She's a writer, speaker, and plant ho. A trained Master Gardener and Garden Consultant, she has written over 100 articles for Alabama Gardener magazine.

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Great Chicago Presentation

John from IL - 03/23/2019 18:52:02

Saw Peggy in Chicago at the Flower and Garden show. Wonder presentation about sanctuary gardens.

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Montgomery MG Regional Workshop

Debi Breedlove from Alabama - 09/27/2018 11:33:27

Excellent speaker...topic "Sanctuary Gardens". A variety of slides from all over the country displaying various styles of gardening which could be sanctuary gardens. Very upbeat...positive experience!!

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Container gardening with native plants

Nancy Roberson from Huntsville, AL 35803 - 10/30/2017 18:20:52

Very good information.speaker. Would highly recommend this speaker.

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Speaker Review

Barbara Gasper from Huntsville,, AL - 10/28/2017 16:47:21

Outstanding, great personality

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Container Gardening with Native Plants

Joanne Wilson from Huntsville, AL - 10/27/2017 10:15:11

Peggy Hill spoke at our District 1 fall meeting of The Garden Club of Alabama in Huntsville. She's a natural! Her delivery, information, and humor was great.