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Sandy Clinton is an award-winning landscape architect who has been designing and building gardens across the country for over 35 years. Her extraordinary experiences enhance her current garden talks: Gardens Transformed

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Men's garden club speaker

Peter Kremers from Frederick Mary.and - 09/12/2015 16:46:44

Sandy gives an organized and inspiring talk. Her talk was the best I've seen in years. I Highly recommend her.

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One of the best talks I've heard

Jay Sifford from Charlotte, NC - 05/07/2015 19:32:57

I heard Sandy speak at the Davidson Symposium. I'd seen her work on Houzz and was impressed, but, after hearing her speak, I was even more impressed. Her knowledge, the photographs she used in her presentation, her speaking ability and her wit made her presentation the highlight of the symposium, in my opinion. I hope to be able to hear her again in the near future. The inspiration I received from her presentation is still with me and will undoubtedly influence my landscape designs in the future. Thanks Sandy!

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Davidson Horticultural Symposium

Cindy McIntosh from Davidson, NC - 04/29/2015 16:47:19

The Davidson Horticultural Symposium sponsored by the Davidson Garden Club was pleased to host Sandra Clinton as one of our speakers on March 3, 2015. The theme was “Planting Outside the Lines” with the focus on landscape architecture and horticulture. Sandy’s presentation was appropriate for our audience, on topic, and provided many insightful, unique, and fresh ways to approach landscape design. Her power point slides were excellent. Sandy was approachable and engaged with the attendees during breaks and lunch. She spent time answering questions and helping others select books from our bookseller’s overwhelming selection.
The 440 attendees represented a wide range interests from backyard gardeners, to master gardeners, to horticulture instructors and their students, to nursery owners, to landscape designers and architects. Her reviews were outstanding.

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Inspiring and Relevant Speaker

Tricia King from Hendersonville, NC - 03/05/2015 23:53:48

Attending the Davidson Horticultural Symposium this week for the first time, I did not know what to expect. I was delightfully surprised by the incredible knowledge of all, but Sandra Clinton far exceeded my expectations. Her talk was on point and relevant to current topics in landscape architecture and design. She was funny, sensitive and had such a positive outlook. I was impressed with the presentation, photographs, graphics and knowledge of so many aspects of design and horticulture. She described her intimate relationship with the client and the design which is what I love about what I do - creating the relationship with the client and the landscape and working with them as it evolves. I loved her fascination with art and how it relates to the landscape. Her lecture was inspiring and refreshing for those that have been in the profession and the next generation of designers and architects.