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The author of five critically acclaimed gardening books, Scott speaks nationwide. Recent engagements include: Chicago Botanic Gardens, Denver Botanic Gardens, and The San Francisco Flower Show.

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Hot Pots!

Linda Larson from Mesa, AZ - 04/09/2013 17:21:02

Scott is an inspiring speaker with an engaging delivery. He weaves personal stories of his connection to the Southwest while introducing original ideas of pot scapes and creative textures. He offers great appeal to all gardeners. Interesting and versatile topics that will move you to action in your own garden.

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Desert Dessert

Christina from Phoenix, AZ - 08/16/2011 13:23:25

Scott knows how to make desert gardening appealing and delicious to the eye! His in depth knowledge of desert plants is truly wondrous and his charismatic personality brings excitement to all those who have the pleasure of hearing him!