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Appleget Hurst

Susan is a Midwest-based home gardening expert, specializing in creative solutions for container, herb, vegetable and ornamental design. A warm and engaging presenter, Susan leaves her audience feeling inspired and ready to 'play' with plants.

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Des Moines County Master Gardeners

Mary Saxton from Burlington , Iowa - 10/25/2016 17:52:05

Susan was the presenter at our Fall Seminar Oct. 22, 2016. The overwhelming response from attendees was positive. Some the comments: Excellent speaker, presenter was knowledgeable, funny and willing to answer questions,please have her back!

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ISU Polk County Master Gardener

Margaret Spikes from Des Moines, Iowa - 09/15/2016 22:22:54

When 90% of my surveys come back with some sort of response about the speaker ("excellent!" "very engaging and informative" "great presentation" "lots of good information" "great speaker!" "I learned a lot"), I know I chose wisely. Thank you not only for taking the time to speak but also for your generosity. The visuals and hands-on reinforced the great information, as noted in two of the comments: "just what I needed to get started" and "I might just have to plant a terrarium". It is always wonderful to hear you speak--you have fun tidbits of advice and humor that make me and others want to be better gardeners.

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Great Presenter

John Sjolinder from Mason City, IA - 08/10/2016 12:11:06

Susan Appleget Hurst did a great job for us for our workshop. We used her as our Keynote Speaker and she did a great job of setting the tone for the day. Engaging and delightful!

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From Plant to Plate

Linda Thieken from AZ - 10/08/2015 21:44:56

Outstanding presentation. So informative and engaging. I didn't realize it was a back to back session so I missed the next one I had signed up for. I couldn't wait to hear more from Susan.

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Great Seminar on Herbs

Glenda Plaza from Iowa - 09/29/2015 00:05:00

I had the opportunity to hear Susan Appleget Hurst speak on herbs at the International Master Gardener Convention. Susan's text knowledge and background experience on how to grow and use herbs along with her wry sense of humor allows her to deliver an entertaining and inspiring talk that is absolutely packed with useful and practical information. I will be planting a lot more herbs next year (and using her recipes)!