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Susan Betz teaches,lectures and writes about growing & using native and non-native herbs for pleasure and purpose in the backyard and beyond. She is the author of Magical Moons & Seasonal Circles -Stepping into the Circle of The Seasons

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Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles

Beverly Mussari from Cincinnati, OH - 05/19/2013 18:42:13

I recently attended an excellent presentation by Susan Betz that she gave to the Herb Society in Cincinnati, OH. The presentation was on her book "Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles." She was very knowledgeable and interesting for all different ages. It motivated you to want to have the experience of stepping into the circle of seasons.

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Magical Moons & Seasonal Circles

Kathy Hoffman from Michigan - 03/13/2012 15:20:26

Last week I had the priviledge of hearing Susan give a presentation about Phenology at the annual Michigan Herb Conference at Michigan State University. I was most interested in the information she presented in an organized, interesting way and the many connections to life in general and specifically to my passion of working with elementary school aged children investigating the wonder and mystery of science. What an enlightening, important hour we spent with her! Both the presentation and her book that she referenced are outstanding.


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Magicical Moons and Seasonal Circles

Dee Camp from Homer,Michigan - 03/03/2012 19:41:22

Very informative, emlightening. Went away from her talk with renewed interest of exploring nature. Now on my daily walk on our property with my dog I am looking for cacoons, found the crystalist of what I think is filled with praying mantis. Very inspiring. I love the book also.
This is the fifth time I have heard Susan before an audience and I have never been disappointed.