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Mahuer Pesticide Short Course

Jim Shake from Parma - 02/23/2019 11:24:08

I attended 2 of Tony's lectures in Ontario Or. and Fruitland Id.Tony was very helpful and knowledgeable. I now know more about what might be killing my Locust trees.

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Great Speaker!

Matthew A Erickson from Weiser/Ontario - 02/20/2019 13:04:36

The seminars at the 2019 Malheur Pest Management short course were very informative. Tony did a great job and was a fascinating speaker. Very knowledgeable and had great audience interaction and participation. His passion for bugs and other insects is very apparent and appears he enjoys educating people on these topics as well as water conservation.

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Good speaker

Stan Young from Ontario OR - 02/20/2019 13:03:02

Enjoyed his information and delivery. I learned much from him.

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IHE Speaker

Marcella Getsinger from Idaho Falls - 01/29/2019 12:32:31

Tony McCammon has presented for us many times and is always an audience favorite. His attendees come away with valuable information that they can use in their professions. We will have him back soon.

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Breaking Dormancy

Sandie Parrish from Twin Falls, Idaho - 02/15/2018 15:31:32

Tony is a wealth of information and a pleasure to pick his brain. Always up to date with new ideas and information. Well worth the cost of conferences and hands on.