Suzy Meyer

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Cornell St 15212

From sunlight by day to root hairs by night, Suzy reveals the innate intelligence of plants, how they interact with their environment, and how you can boost your plants' abilities for optimum health and nutrition.

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Suzy’s topics reflect her fascination for the unseen relationships between plants, soils and earth energies. 

As a landscape architect and educator, she’s written award-winning publications on regional watersheds and water management systems. In over 30 years as a garden designer & installer, (in Florida and Pennsylvania), her mortality rate of 1,000s of installed plants has been consistently less than 1%. 


As a speaker, she takes audiences on behind-the-scenes tours of little known interactions between plants and their environment of sunlight, soils, minerals, and insects. In most talks she’ll touch upon how plants communicate with insects, or the amazing things your plants do at night while you sleep.


Each plant lover will come away with: 

• New insights and appreciation for the native intelligence in every plant; and, 

• A basic understanding  of how to support their plants’ needs for peak performance, (and peak flavor if growing fruits & vegetables).


A friendly, unabashed plant geek, Suzy delivers talks with helpful imagery, humor, and enthusiasm. 


While the Gardener Sleeps: What Your Plants Do at Night

Insects Eat Weak Plants! Strengthen Your Fruits & Vegetables


Over the Top Tomatoes: Nutrients for Heavy Feeders


Beyond Organic: An Introduction to Nutrient Dense Food and How to Grow It  (hands-on demonstration with refractometer)


Foliar Feeding: What is it? Why bother? When to apply? 

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